Current & Future Capital Improvement Projects

The following is our capital improvement list. These are projects the District will undertake, these project typically are infrastructure improvement to either replace and aging water line or to improve an aspect of the system that needs upgrading.

Elevated Reservoir Rehabilitation
This project could be done in multiple phases. The inside and outside of the reservoir needs a new coat of paint. The outside needs to be sand blasted and repainted, while the inside needs some welding and surface repair as well as repairing the overflow and hatch cover.

11th Avenue Main Replacement
The District plans to replace an existing undersized 6-inch steel water main in the area of 11th Avenue South and South 220th Street. This project will consist of an 8-inch ductile iron water main extending south on 11th Avenue South from South 220th Street south to South 222th Street then west to 10th Place South, south on 10th Place South to connect to the existing main on South 223rd, then continuing south on 11th Avenue South to South 224th Street and east on South 224th Street to connect at 12th Avenue South. This project will install approximately 1,700 lineal feet of 8-inch ductile iron water main.

216th to Bridge Crossing
The District plans to install a new water main to connect the 12-inch water main that crosses the bridge at the north end of the district with the 12-inch water main that runs down south 216th street. This project will include 170 lineal feet of 12-inch water main directional drilling under the intersection. The project will improve flow availability to the northwest portion of the district.