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Posted on: May 11, 2016

Chlorination Update

The crew has successfully moved through the entire District with the unidirectional flushing program, this process is now complete. The next step is for the District to submit a request to the Department of Health (DOH) to allow us to discontinue the chlorination. While we are waiting to hear back from DOH on whether they will allow us to do this we will be sending out a questionnaire/survey to every customer in the District asking what they would like to see happen with our water system. If we get the approval to discontinue the chlorination from DOH we will be asking you what your opinion is. As far as we see it there will be 3 choices:
1) To discontinue the chlorine and go back to the untreated well water that we had prior to September 2013. Pros...Many customers preferred the taste of the pure untreated water delivered prior to 2013. This remedy would cost nothing. Cons...May still experience an occasional burp of brown water but nothing like you have experienced for the last 2.5 years. The added layer of protection that chlorine provides will be gone.
2) To sequester and/or filter the manganese from the water. Pros...Water coming from the wells will be delivered to you with a non visible amount of manganese and chlorine will remain in the water for added protection. Cons...This will not alleviate the manganese that is currently built up on the walls of the mains and in your homes from still producing brown water until all the manganese has been washed away, and we have no time frame on how long that could take, and if sequestering is used not only will the chlorine remain in the water but there will be a polymer added to the water... and of course the cost of the new facility to administer this process.
3) To purchase water from Highline Water District. Pros...the water will already be filtered when delivered to our system eliminating building a new facility for filtering. Water will continue to have chlorine added. Cons...The cost of purchasing the water will increase your rates and this will not alleviate the brown water from manganese currently in our mains and in your homes until completely washed away, and the water will no longer be the ground water that we had before it will now be surface and ground water blended and continue to have chlorine.

When you see this survey come to your home PLEASE return it ASAP with your input. YOUR OPINION IS VERY IMPORTANT. The District wants to make sure that we are following the wishes of our customers. If you do not let us know your opinion the choice may be taken out of our hands.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call or email us.

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